Exhibition: 'SubcultureSculptureClub: TRANSFER' 
27 Oct to 26 Nov 2011, Stadtgalerie Bern


Looking at the numerous ethnographical collections of Switzerland, the club started to continuously copy ‚indigenous art’ in 2011. The objects to copy originated from the countries which delivered the most illegalized migrants at the time, which was amongst others Syria, Tunisia and Iran. The collection of copied sculptures was exhibited open air near the refugee camp and prison for deportation in Basel, later at Stadtgalerie Bern.

Subculture sculpture club is a production of bblackboxx Basel

Besetzung / Produktion

The bblackboxx is a gallery and centre for artistic-political activism. It is located on the city limits of Basel near the registration centre for asylum seekers. The program of bblackboxx is directed to the art-viewing public and the inhabitants of the registration centre.