Kuscheln mit Deutschen


Premiere in-house performance: 16 Apr 2010

Premiere Gessnerallee: 1 Jul 2010
Showings: 2 & 3 Jul 2010

Part of project  "Wir Retten Zürich! - 20 Jahre Gessnerallee" 


They put up a bed on the streets of Zurich in order to cuddle with passers-by and discuss with them about the relation between the Swiss and the Germans. As a source of information they also use Julius Cesars ‚De bello gallico’ – probably the oldest source on the topic.

In the theatre of Gessnerallee they created a cuddling-room for a performance, in which they showed video material of their public intervention and continued the discussion in dialogue with the audience.

Besetzung / Produktion

Stage Design: Gabriela Neubauer
Production by Liebmann/Schwald and Gessnerallee Zürich