Josephine Joseph


8 October 2009, Kunsthaus Baselland
3 January 2010, Sophiensäle Berlin


The costume she wore for the performances was split in half: one half Hercules, the other half blue angel. The naïve visual combination of male and female attributes turned out to be as interesting as it was shocking for the audience. The outward appearance and the behaviour of the performer prohibited a clear definition of gender.

Josephine Joseph can be found on Wikipedia as “possibly living person”.

Josephine Joseph is an installation/performance for 3 performers, 4 kW light and 1 camera obscura. The accessible camera obscura inherits a bended mirror which reflection is able to unite two different bodies. Accompanied by the audio instructions from outside two bodies will find their way into one figure. 

Besetzung / Produktion

composition: Laura Mello
photography: Philipp Wittulsky

Supported bypact Zollverein Essen, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Kaskadenkondensator Basel, Performancepreis Schweiz, Kunstkredit Basel