Host Club!


2018 ARGE Kultur Salzburg
2016  Münchner Kammerspiele
2014 Het Veem Theater Amsterdam
2014  PATHOS München
2013/14 Schauspielhaus Zürich
2012/13 Konzert Theater Bern

... plus festivals, off-spaces, galleries, open air events and many more. 


, where the art of conversation is offered as a service in flirtatious surroundings. Guests at HOST CLUBS get into conversations in small groups at different tables. New input is continuously provided by performative interventions, the use of new media or expert talks. The outcome of the conversations is always different. The constellation of the group plays an important role, as does each per son’s own participation. Since 2008, more than 50 HOST CLUBS have taken place in theater spaces, galleries, clubs, in a pitch-black restaurant ran by blind people, in an old people’s home and at universities. So far the format has been used - among others - to write a play as w ell as by research groups to share their results.

Besetzung / Produktion

Stage/Host Club Settings: Heini Weber (Kaserne), Frank Holldack (KTB), Marcel Schwald
Costume design: Jana Kessler (Kaserne), Senta Amacker (KTB)
Music design: Sandro Corbat, diverse
Light: David Buser (Kaserne), Marek Streit (KTB)
Graphic: Reto Keller, diverse
Photography: Donata Ettlin (Kaserne), Annette Boutellier (KTB), diverse
Video: Silvia Bergmann
Dramaturgy: Boris Brüderlin (Kaserne), Sabrina Hofer (KTB)

Host Clubs 2008-2011 (selection):

Kaserne Basel:
24./25. October 2008
19./20. December 2008
30./31. January 2009

Siri 25: 14. March 2009

Kaskadenkondensator Basel:
2. May 2009
1. May 2010
9. April 2011

Dark restaurant "Blinde Kuh" (wildwuchs festival):
22./23. Juni 2009

Multi-generation-house Neubad:
28. May 2011

Intitute for sociology at Universität Basel:
28. November 2011

2012/13, Konzert Theater Bern:

22. September and 1. December 2012, Vidmarhallen, 21.00h
"Wie teuer ist Ihr Traum?" (engl.: "How much for your dream?")
Guests 22. September: Susanne Bachmann (sociologist)
Daniel Straub (psychologist, economist, initiative 'Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen')
Guests 1. December: Sibylle Dahrendorf  (journalist, film-maker)
Almut Rembges (artist, activist at bblackboxx Basel)

22. November 2012, Stadttheater Mansarde. 19.30h
"Schöne Neue Arbeitswelt" (engl.: "brave new businessworld"))
Guests: Ueli Mäder, professor at intitute of sociology, university of Basel
Lukas Windlinger Inversini, profesor at institute of Facility Management, Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft 


31. Januar 2013, Stadttheater Mansarde. 19.30h
"Host Club Spezial: Werden Sie Hausautor!" (engl.: "how to become an in-house-author ")
Guests: Ivna Zic, author theatre Luzerner, director
Gabriel Vetter, author theatre Basel, Poetry Slammer
Martin Wigger, dramaturg Theater Basel

2013/14, Schauspielhaus Zürich

12. December 2013, 20.30h, Kammer (UG Pfauen)
"Schulden" (engl. "debts") with Lea Martini and Andreas Liebmann
Guest: Dr. James B. Glattfelder (physicit, system theoretician and co-author of „Who controls the world“)

23. January 2014, 20.30h, Kammer (UG Pfauen)
"Sorry" with Lea Martini, Isabelle Menke, Klaus Brömmelmeier 
Guest: Dr. Valentin Landmann (lawyer und author)

13. February 2014, 20.30h - in der Kammer (UG Pfauen)
"Post Privacy" with Lea Martini, Magda Drozd, Liliane Koch and Lea Loeb 
Guest: Hanspeter Thür (dam. Eidgenössischer Datenschutz- und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragter)

Do, 27. March 2014, 20.30h - at Kammer (UG Pfauen)
"Together - about cooperation and complicity", with Andreas Liebmann
Guest: Jie Tan Spada (China expert, Cross Cultural Trainer) 


Het Veem Theater Amsterdam:
19. December 2014
"So Sorry" with Lea Martini and Noha Ramadan

Münchner Kammerspiele:
3./4. June 2016
"New Heimat" with students of LMU, Johanna Winkler, Angelika Krautzberger, Judith Huber


Host Clubs were warmly supported by  Stücklabor BaselKonzert Theater Bern, Kulturelles Baselland, Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, NITOBA Spartenpreis 2008, Glubos Brockenbude, GGG, kulturfestival wildwuchs, blindekuh basel

This work is in co-operation with Helping Points