Helping Points


1 May 2011, Kaskadenkondensator Basel
28 May 2011, Generationenhaus Neubad
28 November 2011, Basel University


Similar to the Host Clubs at "Helping Points" the audience is divided into small groups. Each group sitting around one table witnessing people being interviewed who have a "helping profession". Simultaneously a video recording of the interviewed person working is shown on a screen. The audience is invited to join the conversation and pose questions.

The video still lifes by artist duo Copa & Sordes document different situations of professionalised helping: the morning routine in a home for senior citizens, the training of an assistance dog, a rescue exercise but also lectures on poverty at Basel University or the rehearsal for the piece 'Let's Pretend To Be Human' dealing with the same topic.

"Helping Points" took place at the institutions which participated and were shown in the video recordings, galleries and theatre spaces. 


Besetzung / Produktion

in cooperation with Nicole Gabriele Schöpfer, Suzanne Zahnd and others

A project by bblackboxx Basel