All languages - crash course


Performance project during the program "Viertel Kilometer" by Brunnenpassage Wien


In their studio they organized public language courses whose teachers were the people whom they met on the street, in shops or on various occasions. Turkish, Punjab, Zazaki, Pashto, Italian, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Russian, Farsi, Polish, Albanian, Palestinian as well as Egyptian Arabic – besides that they held trans-alphabetic calligraphy lessons in public space. We learned the language of passers-by, who then also started to teach each other what they knew and to correct each other. At the end of the four-week performance, we presented a “Best of Languages” at the Brunnenpassage with films, performance and interaction.

Besetzung / Produktion

Performance and realisation: Marcel Schwald und Andreas Liebmann

A production by Brunnenpassage Wien